Once upon a time 2.0 : Transmedia Storytelling

Once upon a time 2.0 : Transmedia Storytelling

Everyday in our Facebook or Twitter feed appear posts about how to create relevant content that will help to improve a blog, brand, product etc. How so ? By capturing attention and generating social engagement. However what we often see are many isolated actions which are almost always used individually. Nowadays, modern technologies give us an easy solution to improve our way of creating content.

Let’s take the Harry Potter saga as example. Each volume is derived on various platforms. But each platform tells exactly the same story. Now, imagine how rich and interesting the world of Harry Potter could have been if each kind of media (web, audio, books, apps, fixed or animated pictures, virtual or augmented reality, etc.) had brought a new distinct element to the story. With all these modern technologies, we have the possibility to use the strengths of each and make them complementary in order to create a whole new world. This is called transmedia! We showed an example for literature but it can be used in many other fields such as marketing, education, architecture,… etc.

With us, learn how to use the power of Transmedia Storytelling to make your audience feel concerned, touched, captivated and participating.

If you want to

– Learn how Transmedia Storytelling works

– Learn about new media technologies as virtual and augmented reality

– Learn how to apply this by working on concrete projects in our Lab by using the Unity Framework

– Learn how to use technology and coding to enhance your creativity

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– Visit some of the most beautiful cities in Belgium

– Meet crazy and funny Belgians that will make you convinced Louvain-la-Neuve is THE place to be !

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