Tips & Tricks

How to Write a Motivation Letter for a BEST Event.

Step 1: Ready…

  • Check out the website of the event. It will provide you vital information like: the topic of the event, learning goals, academic level, special skills you need (if mentioned). The schedule will also show you the social activities that you and 20 other European students will take part in, but don?t worry: the organizers surely have some surprises in store . Does it attract you? GO for it!
  • Choose the place(s) you really want to go to. Besides attending a course, you will be travelling to another country, meeting different people, visiting new places and getting a sip of another culture, with its customs and traditions. Think well when deciding the place you want to go to.
  • Make certain that the period of the event is convenient for you and that you can get your travelling arrangements ready in time. Check out the period in which the event is taking place, on the website and make sure that you:
    • have a passport / can get one in time;
    • get a visa in time (if necessary);
    • have enough money to cover your travelling expenses (don’t forget about medical insurance);
    • find money to pay the deposit fee, in case you get accepted

Step 2: Steady… (writing the motivation letter)

  • Be CREATIVE!!! Use your imagination! Let your mind go free! Think that you are already there, attending the BEST event you applied for and describe how you will use the skills that you will learn. What projects do you want to do? Have some crazy, innovative ideas? Put them down!
  • Make sure you state all the reasons why you want to attend that specific BEST event. When you apply for a BEST event, make sure it is the one you really want! Don?t chose the event only by the location it takes place in. State your interest in the theme of the event:
    • are you passionate about that specific topic? Prove it!
    • what related topics have you been studying / reading about so far?
    • how will this specific theme help you in what you want to do in the future Don’t write the same motivation letter to all the courses you apply for. A common motivation letter means you haven’t been able to express your specific interest in the topic of the course, yet. Don’t give up! The more you try, the better you get, the more your chances of getting accepted increase!!!
  • Tell the organizers why YOU would be the perfect participant. How do you feel about attending a BEST course in Europe? What will you gain from it? How eager are you to spending at least a week with other 20 European students of technology? What do you think you can teach them? What will you learn from them?
  • Be yourself! Show your personal touch! Don?t say things you don?t really mean, just to get accepted! In fact, you will be spending your time there. Have fun!
  • Use informal language! The people reading your motivation letters are students of technology, just like you! They only want to see how determined you are to participate in the BEST event you applied for!
  • Choose the right layout for your motivation letter. The letter has to be about one page long. If you write too much, people will get bored reading it, and few lines show that your interest in the course is very low. The length of the letter should be just right in order for you to say what you really mean. Make sure that the letter is well structured, with different ideas in different paragraphs, and easy to read (check the paragraph alignment) so that it expresses exactly who you are.
  • Correct the spelling & grammar mistakes. You can do it easily, by using the ‘Spelling and Grammar’ tool in Microsoft Word / OpenOffice ! No mistakes prove you are doing your BEST to participate!
  • SAVE what you wrote, from time to time. Just in case technical problems appear… It’s good to have a backup and you can edit your letter before the application period ends.
  • Reread the letter in the end and make the necessary adjustments. You may find things that do not fit. Put them in the right place!
  • Write the letter IN TIME, before the application period ends!!! That way, you will be able to edit it later, and maybe find better, more appropriate words to express what you feel.
  • Read the letter once again. Do this each time you change something. It is the only way that the pieces of the letter will stick .

Step 3: GO!!!

  • REGISTER the application. Just fill in the information in BEST Application System, write your motivation and push the button!
  • Validate your account. Contact Local BEST Group Timisoara and take the English test.
  • Stay put… and wait for the results. If you have been accepted, prepare to have the BEST time of your life. If you weren?t so lucky this time, TRY AGAIN for the next season of BEST events.

REMEMBER! Experience the BEST European adventure!!!