Here are just a few testimonials from students from Timisoara that participated in BEST Courses. Since BEST Courses have been around, hundreds of students from Timisoara have returned with incredible memories and stories of their experience. Here are just a few:


Valentin Hațegan, Torino 2015

I strongly believe that applying for this course was one of the best choices I had ever made.

Besides living the “Italian Dream” – by this I mean eating pizza, gelato and pasta 24/7, in 10 days  of course you’ll be getting a bonus of 4 kilos of fat and you’ll make so many new friends all over Europe. After this experience  I have friends from Lisbon all over to Yekaterinburg.

Let me tell you some words about the academic part. The he topic of the course was about the influences of technology in sports. Cool yea? Over there professors from Polytechnic University of Turin came and showed us the latest trends in how technology is used in sports; had company visits at Fiat, Fila and Deltatre; and met special guests (athletes that were performing at all kind of Olympiads).

Now for the interesting part – the fun part. For the first time, I went rafting on an icy river (brrr “cool” experience); had city rallies in Turin and Genoa, a weekend trip in the Alpes, and all kind of social activities (eg: a tram party).  And with the “help” of International Evening, now I’m capable to say “cheers” in 16 languages :)).

At the bottom line, I’m telling you that you HAVE TO APPLY at least at one of this courses. Besides learning new things about the course’s topic, you explore places, learn about cultures and of course, you make new friends all over Europe.

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Loredana Bejerita, Warsaw 2014

At first I applied out of curiosity, because I had heard so many people talking about the BEST Courses and wanted to convince myself about it.

Now, having lived it, I know for sure that every student has to experience a BEST Course! Not only do you travel to a foreign country to learn about a topic that you are passionate about, but you also meet young people, who share the same interests as you.

If you wonder what can be so special about it, I can tell you endless stories about how many FRIENDS I’ve made, how many new things I’ve LEARNED about photography – which was the  topic of the course – or how many places I’ve visited… but you can only truly realize the intensity of these things once you go there and experience them yourself!

So… you’ve got nothing to lose if you apply to any of the BEST courses of this season. There are only experiences, friends and everlasting memories you can gain!


Alexandru Popa, Brno, 2013

As a BEST member, I had already experienced a summer course as an organiser by the time I went to Brno and I thought I could not be impressed by what others do. Well, I was wrong. I can say that being a participant is completely different than being an organiser and I would participate again in a course in without even thinking twice – and I am planning to do this!
People I met in my summer course in Brno are people I will never forget. It’s amazing how you can become such good friends in such a short time with completly strangers. I recommend to anyone to apply to a course in any season because I never heard of any student coming back with any regrets!

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Madalina Meda,  Mostar and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 2013

It is so difficult to sum up in some words all the wonderful experiences I have lived in these 2 courses, but I will give it a try.
I have never imagined I would travel abroad by myself, going somewhere I wouldn’t know anybody…and I still did it. Twice. And I enjoyed every single moment of these trips.

I don’t know what was the BEST:
– meeting many people from all around Europe
– having so much fun – some of the best parties in my life took place during these courses
– learning interesting things (the subjects of the courses were IT security and Image processing)
– seeing a part of the Balkans I didn’t image to be so beautiful – I loved the Old Town in Mostar
– visiting the wonderful island of Gran Canaria (where is almost always sunny and I would love to live)
– improving my English and Spanish speaking skills
– feeling so free, young and crazy

Last, but not least, I just want to tell you the answer one of the participants gave to the question “How do you feel during this course?”
He simply said: I FEEL ALIVE !!! And I think it was how all of us felt at that moment 🙂



Marius Veltan, Madrid, 2012

I will always remember my BEST summer course in Madrid!
It was the spring of 2012. Having not made any plans for the summer that was about to follow, I decided to apply for my third BEST course. With great joy did I receive the news of having been accepted! I was about to embark in yet another unforgettable experience of my student life!
 I have always been driven by a desire to constantly develop my character. This course greatly came to meet my expectations and help me gain a set of skills I had long been willing to acquire.

As a course on leadership, we were offered the chance to interact with people that really had a say in this. Talented teachers, passionate entrepreneurs, a commander of the Spanish army troops, a loving mother, a dedicated neurosurgeon and valued employees of the Repsol company, all shared with us their views on leadership, the role they played in making the world a better place to be and the path they had followed to reach their statute. The lectures were breath-taking and utterly inspiring!
But my adventure in Madrid was not entirely about studying. Did I visit wonderful places in Madrid? Did I get to make friends from all around Europe? Did I get to experience unforgettable moments in the most unique places the city has to offer? Yes, I did! Not once, not twice, but for 10 days in a row, as each morning brought along yet another set of surprises for all of us, the participants!
As a student, I grew to become a great fan of BEST courses! As a participant in these events, I learned to live more, travel often and communicate much more intensely! Were I given another chance to apply for a BEST course, I would write my motivation letter in a heartbeat!

Just apply! You’ll never be the same again! 🙂

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Patricia Tulcan, Chisinau, 2011

After a 14 hour ride with the train and another 3 hours spent on the minibus, I had finally arrived to the promised land: Moldova. Arriving to Chisinau I was welcomed by the most kind and thoughtful organizers, a bunch of people who put so much soul in their events that it would impossible for you not to have a great time with them. I stayed in a 2-bed room with another student from Barcelona. Later on we went to grab some dinner and afterwards we had the “get to know” party. I met people from all over Europe: Poland, Finland, Belgium, Spain, Ukraine, Russia, Estonia, Hungary, Slovakia and Italy. With them I’ve spent 2 awesome weeks visiting Chisinau, improving my cultural knowledge and my knowledge regarding Marketing, seeing the backstage of McDonald’s and mostly just having lots of fun!The friendships that were tied there are priceless and now, if I ever want to take a EUROtrip, I have a guide in most of the BEST cities in Europe!

The friendships that were tied there are priceless and now, if I ever want to take a EUROtrip, I have a guide in most of the BEST cities in Europe!


Georgiana Capraru, Liege, 2011

Well,first of all, I have to say that this Summer Course was the BEST event I ever attended.I have been to Liege, Belgium, where I met 16 awesome people whom I now dearly call my friends.During my stay I learned a little bit about geology and the properties of stones and I will always look back to that summer’s week with fondness because it was an amazing experience . Not only did I wander the streets of Liege but I also visited two other cities while discovering new things and interacting with a different and interesting culture.
Another thing I enjoyed was the chance to participate in classes taught by Belgian professors and observe another way of teaching. It was really nice and I think I gained much experience attending these technical classes.

Do not hesitate to apply…it is your only chance, as a student, to meet people from all over Europe and visit new countries and learn more about other cultures.

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Cristina Ivan, Madrid Carlos III, 2011

I went to BEST Carlo III in Madrid for a summer course about materials used in the aircraft construction and it was incredible! Not only did I learn about materials but more importantly I was able to obtain meaningful cross-cultural experience. The amount of new things you will do and try, new places you will visit and how many new and close friends you will make is just amazing! It’s such a complex and wonderful experience that I can’t truly compare it with anything else!

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Diana Irimia, Viena, 2011

This year I participated at a Summer Course in Vienna, which lasted for 2 weeks. It was, so far, the best experience I ever had. First of all you get the chance to travel a lot and (maybe) see places that you probably never saw before. I visited Vienna of course and the organisers arranged a trip to Bratislava for one day. Second, I wanna say that if I pick a country from Europe to visit now, I will find probably someone to host me there and show me around. So..you have the chance to meet a lot of people from all over Europe and make new friends. The subject of the course was based on Photography and named “Save the moment.Shoot it BEST.” I also learned a lot of interesting things like how to use my camera and Photoshop.

To keep it short: Take this chance BEST is offering you because I can guarantee that you won’t regret it. I left Vienna with great memories of very nice people and of a beautiful place.


Teodor Șuhan, Lviv, 2010

Hello everybody!

Summer of 2010 was the one I said YES to the challenge of applying to a BEST course on computer networks! It was a great experience which changed my way of seeing things and during it I had my BEST time of my whole student life!

For me, BEST courses are much more than learning new things and visiting new places. It’s all about meeting new people and making new friends. The European students you will meet there and the discussions you will have with them are an opportunity for you to get in contact with different cultures. You will find more about the way these students study in their home countries and you can develop friendships with them that can last for years.

Once you go for it, you will always tell stories about those moments showing a big smile on your face! What comes to prove this fact?

Right after my first course there were a lot of messages in my inbox from the other participants  that perfectly described those amazing two weeks spent in the magic city of Lviv, Ukraine. One of them was: “I will miss You all. Ahhs, I can’t say this in one word! I will miss You all, I spent a great time with you, these two weeks were completely made of fun and craziness. I hadn’t believed before that it’s possible to learn so many things and become friends, real friends in two weeks. I am sure that we all won’t forget about this event. We’ve begun our 10 minutes around the world, this was only the first one. So, see you soon! :)” and I always smile when I remember those days!

I came back from Lviv richer and more enthusiastic that I was before the event, that’s why I strongly encourage everyone to apply and taste this kind of once in a lifetime experience. BEST courses are the perfect opportunity for you to visit new places, learn from other international students, make great friends and live an unforgettable experience somewhere in mighty Europe!

So, don’t let it go! 😀


Marius Veltan, Porto, 2009

My Porto experience turned out to be way beyond any expectations I had built for an entrepreneurship course abroad.

Porto is a beautiful city. As I discovered the moment I reached the airport gate, Porto is a beautiful city with beautiful people! There was a gang of BEST people waiting for us with signs of all sorts. Take that for a welcome!

And what came after, was no different from this first encounter. The courses we took, the people we met, the places we saw, the food we ate, the parties we had, they were all fabulous!

We got the chance of visiting an industrial site for business start-ups, we got in contact with actual business angels that had helped give wings to valuable ideas, we shared ideas with one-another and had the opportunity of thinking our own business start-up plan which got evaluated by professionals who gave us valuable pieces of advice.

They organized a Portuguese evening just for us. The mothers of the BEST organizers proved to be really good cooks. The plates were not big enough for what was waiting for us on the tables! 😀

The Porto wine… We visited a local winery and got to learn a bit about the wine fabrication process. A wonderful tour which ended in an unforgettable wine tasting session in a cozy atmosphere.

I would definitely have to add sleeping on a ship, taking part in an all-you-can-eat-and-drink local festival, getting lost in Porto for an entire night, the every-morning crazy bus ride to school, all the views and the wonderful friends I made!!

So many things to say, so many memories that are still so fresh in my mind, even after more than two years, I would need pages! My first BEST course was, without a doubt, an experience I would love to repeat over and over!

If you’re thinking of applying, do not hesitate! It will change your life!

Flavian Iuga, Bruxelles, 2009

To put it in just a few words, this course has been one of the most beautifull experiences in my life. I’ve met new people, made new friends and we had fun togheter. The course I participated in lasted 10 days, it was held in Brusseles, Belgium in february 2009 and the subject was : “Artificial Inteligence”. I had the oportunity to see another city from another country, as the city is on a ordinary day, without feeling like a turist, more like a guest of the belgium students that organized the event. It all went by so fast, I saw some incredible things, it was so beautifull and I hope I get accepted this summer again! Maybe the most important things is that it opened up an appetite for living every day as intensily as I lived those 10 days in Belgium.

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Svetlana Ivana, Athens, 2008

Why apply to a BEST course? Probably everyone’s wondering why all this comotion about them. Well,I applied because I was promised a Yo-Yo! I got home and started thinking about the motivation letter, I wrote some ideas that went through my head then and I waited for an answer. After a while I found out that I was on the Waiting List. Then the summer exam session started and I honestly forgot about my application until the night before my last exam when I get an email from the organisers: someone couldn’t come anymore and I was next on the list (the course was to begin in 7 days).

Total euphoria, phoning parents, friends etc and then worries. I forgot to mention I had already made plans for the summer: I knew when I wanted to do my internships at a company, I was a maid of honor for a friend’s wedding (the dress was already made).After more phone calls i solved these problems too.Ok…Now, how do I get to Athens? By plane? Hmm… I never flew before and I don’t know the airport procedures, but then again it’s more exciting like that… So I decide to go by plane.

Every participant receives a so-called “Survival Guide” which contains info about the place where the course will be in, how to get there, where to meet with the organisers. At first we were told which bus/metro we can take till the meeting point which meant: 9 metro stations (changing 2 lines) plus 4 bus stations, in total half an hour from the airport. I was planning how to take a cab because I didn’t think I could do all this itinerary. Later on, I found out that we were divided into groups and that every organiser would wait for us. I arrived on the airport of Athens and the madness began… On the way to the campus I ask the organicer that waited for me about how were the rooms divided The answer: they weren’t. Why? Because there was a SINGLE room… Wow…22 participants in a single room; that meant 3 hours of sleep per night.

The course was a unique experience. In fact, for me it was the most important experience I have till now. Why? Because you get the opportunity to do things you wouldn’t normally do, you get the opportunity to meet loads of new people, you learn a lot. BEST Courses don’t mean just fun. Through such a course you get a certain number of hours of lecture for the theme ( mine was aeronautics).
And what did I learn? Well, besides theoretical things we got the opportunity to spend some days in the airport and visit all the important departments (the best part was visiting the control tower).

I’d like to tell more but you’ll have to see for YOURSELF what it means to participate in a BEST Course.
I’m not trying to convince you but one thing’s for sure: after 15 days spent in Athens it was the first time that I felt richer, and that’s not because of the souvenirs but because I could gather more knowledge, happiness, friends…

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Cristina Marghes, Napoli, 2008

Italy… the country of pizza and pastas! I spent 11 unforgettable days in Napoli in the autumn of 2008 at the “The Good, The Bad and The QUALITY” course. What memories i have left other than 300 photos and some european friends?

  • my first flight – i was a bit nervous while going and i slept all the way while coming back
  • that it was so cold the day we visited Pompei – it was raining and we all had thin cloths on us
  • the pizza and pastas from every lunch/dinner were delicious!!!
  • “mama mia” and “che cazzo?” – the most used lines by italians
  • the weekend we spent in Calabria – do you remember the song “Destionation Calabria”? Well, we were there and we bathed altough the water was rather cold in October
  • The party from the International Evening – when all got scared because of those 2 litres of romanian palinca!!
  • the testdrive on a FIAT 500 on a circuit!! – the instructor was telling me to stop, in italian, and i couldn’t understand
  • the karaoke night – most organiserc like rock music and the main organizer even had his own band and a great voice
  • going by rented cars and listening to Virgin Radio (rock music of course!)
  • the visits to airspace companies – i’ve seen the largest wind tunnel from Europe
  • the tasty Limoncello – that was the reason for a french guy’s nickname Clemencello ?
  • and not least IMBUTO – the thing that “helps” you drink easier!



Marius Veltan, Novi Sad, 2008

It’s hard to gather some words to describe my memories in all their splendour . Novi Sad is so close and yet so different! We made firends, we had fun together, we worked together and we all cried through the saying goodbye. It’s obvious I’ll go again to see them!



Anca Irimia, Istanbul, 2007

Last year I participated at a winter course in Istanbul and it was great: an experience i’ll never forget. First of all, you get the chance to meet a lot of people from all the corners of Europe and then you can get an idea about the traditions of each of them… It’s a sort of experience exchange if i can name it like that. My only big regret is that i couldn’t apply to other course because of money issues, but those who can shouldn’t hesitate! They’ll leave with a lot of great memories, with a lot of knowledge about that place and with a lot of new friends.



Clara Piscoi, Turin, 2007

The course from Torino was one of the best experiences I had lived till then… The group was great and we still stay in touch and we still try to see eachother again. Last year, 9 out of 20 participants even managed to meet again in Spain for a couple of days (they organized the meeting themselves)… The parties were great and so were the interactive games when you felt a quarter drunk , it was brilliant. Apply!



Silvia Lipovan, Lund, 2007

The Summer Course from Lund 2 years ago helped me understand what it really means to trully have fun. I was in a gang of 24 participants from almoust all the corners of Europe and we spent more than 2 weeks together, always smiling, free to think, to dance and to act without beeing judged.

What I liked the most is that your in a continuous move and every day comes along with smth more interesting or exciting. I was at the Nordic Sea, we did scouting in the forest, we tasted marshmallows made at the camp fire for the first time and we also experienced how it’s like to be a viking, we got to take part at the swedish ceremonies for the BEST Nobel Prize… and not to mention the very FUNNY parties where there’s no way you could ge bored . All of these combined of course with everyday lectures about Robotics and practice related to building your own Lego.

It was a unique experience for all of us and I can say that from all the 24 participants I’m not sure if there was one who didn’t cry while saying goobye or someone who regreted to have been there. Honestly… The organization trully deserves the name BEST!!!!!