The Teaching Factory Concept: Making the Car of Tomorrow

The Teaching Factory Concept: Making the Car of Tomorrow

In 2050…

Customer: Good morning, I would like a Tesla Roadster.

Seller: Take away or not?

Customer: Take away, please. I am on a hurry…

Seller: OK Sir, it will be ready in 5 minutes!

This will be a typical conversation in a few years since the application of the Digital Technologies to the Automotive Industry will not only decrease the required production time, but at the same time it will improve flexibility and quality of services.

So, are you ready to spend 10 unforgettable days in Patras, experiencing first hand the digital technologies that are transforming the manufacturing paradigm, using a Virtual Reality Cave to design, 3D printing and human-robot symbiotics to manufacture, Augmented Reality tools to assemble the Cyber-Physical Car of Tomorrow and simultaneously enjoy a lot of tzatziki nearby the sea under the Greek sun? If your answer is YES, don’t be shy, just apply to our awesome BEST Summer Course in Patras!

We are waiting for you back from the future!