Stop! Think! Lead!

Stop! Think! Lead!


If you clicked here I’m guessing you want to be a Leader, improve yourself and start your path to world domination.

Have you ever stood awake at night thinking how Bill Gates, Obama and Elon Musk got to where they are, and want to learn all the skills that allowed them to achieve their goals?

We are here for you!

Stop! Think! Lead! Is all about leading yourself and others, giving you some clues of how to start and develop your own ideas and showing you amazing success stories. So, if you want to know how to handle motivation, teams, projects, public speaking, delegation, and many other topics and became a true leader, come to Porto!

In this 12 day experience, you can enjoy the beautiful city of Porto, the city of origin of Port wine, have a taste of our Francesinha and make friends from all Europe.