Smart is the new Grids

Have you ever dreamt of visiting the city of love ? You want to learn more about smart grids in order to be a major player in the cities of tomorrow ?

So come to CentraleSupelec from April the 13th to April the 22th to spend the most wonderful 10 days! In between parties you will be able to visit the Eiffel Tower, the Champs Elysées and other beautiful Parisian monuments and districts.

Nowadays, Energy is a worldwide concern so let’s come and learn about smart grids and how they’re going to change our world! On top of that, you will meet a bunch of inspiring managers and researchers specialized in the field.

During these days, a lot of different and fun activities will be organized: paintball, bubble foot… But let’s not forget the food ! You will be able to discover the French culture through its amazing cuisine: cheese, wine, tartiflette…

And last but not least… We all know why CentraleSupelec is known for the throwing the best parties ! Nine nights, nine parties and much more fun.

So you want to learn how to drink like a sopu? How to French kiss ? How to dance la Schoune ? How to handle CentraleSupelec parties ?

So hurry up and apply to the best Spring Course “Smart is the new Grid”, the BEST experience of your life!