The Dark Side of the Moon

The Dark Side of the Moon

Do you know some conspiration associated with space?

Maybe you have your own theory and you want to feel like Sherlock Holmes…

Have you ever dreamed of reaching space?

Do you like staring at the sky, imagining what lies beyond your sight?

Have you ever looked at the sky wondering what secrets it hides?

Do you believe, that humans can beat the speed of light?

Have you ever wonder, if there might be life on other planets?

Or maybe you believe that we already met ‘them’?

Now we offer you the chance to understand all of this and much more!

If you feel like secrets of our universe are what enchants your mind, pack up your theories and join us in Warsaw for BEST summer course fulfilled with fascinating knowledge and fantastic people!

During the course, you will be able to confront your look at our universe, and expand your horizons by sharing your ideas with great lecturers. Getting knowledge in that way can prove only one thing – astrophysicsc an be fun!

Are you intrigued? Do not hesitate!

Join us in Warsaw for some cosmic knowledge and fun, apply!