Connect’em All! Internet of Things

Connect’em All! Internet of Things

Don’t you sometimes feel that your phone knows more about you than yourself?
Or that your home appliances and electronics are smarter than you?
Nowadays, not only social media connect people.

Even the smartest people of present time wonder about those things. One of them
(Stephen Hawking) even said :
“We are all now connected by the Internet,
like neurons in a giant brain”

Our local group decided to explore this idea further by making this year’s topic
of Summer Course devoted to:

Internet of Things
>>the interconnection via the Internet of computing devices embedded in everyday
objects, enabling them to send as well receive data, to respond for users needs<<

Everyday we are surrounded by the infrastructure of intelligent everyday things.
Not only items such as watches, telephones, fridges, electric toothbrushes,
but also homes or even whole cities exchange information constantly,
in order to improve the quality and comfort of our lives.
Wanna know more?
If you’ve ever:

  • dreamt of a home that is like a dog waiting for you to brings slippers;
  • desired of global system which could adjust traffic to let everyone arrive on time;
  • wanted to know how to design machine that will help you overcome hungover after Friday’s party;
  • feared that intelligent things can be used against you and the apocalypse is coming…

…or you just want to learn something new…
This course definitely is for YOU
Spend fantastic 10 days with awesome Polish people,
learn about many different cultures and see how you can use IoT in your(neighbors) life!
We want to connect people from all Europe, traveling, academic knowledge and
most of all… FUN all together in our beautiful city in the center of Europe!
What we ensure:
Fantastic classes with experts in the field?
Mixed of cultures and people who are interested in things you also like?
Sightseeing and getting to know polish culture, traditions and most important:
polish people? YES!

We simply can’t wait to see you at our University, so chop chop, let
motivational letter writing begin NOW!