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Data Science: How to become a data wizard

Data Science: How to become a data wizard

    • Tara:Romania
    • Locatie:Timisoara
    • Perioada:20-28 aprilie

With the rapid development of technologies to capture and transmit human, sensor and machine-generated data, the opportunities for data scientists are growing rapidly.

This course is for beginners in data science who are interested in understanding the main concepts, methods and tools behind big data analytics and its applications. The aim is to cover the entire data science pipeline and to provide an integrated view on databases, data mining, machine learning and data visualization. The program includes lectures and practice problems using real-world data and case studies.

Despite all of the irresistible academic activities we have planned, you will also have the opportunity to visit the beautiful city of Aveiro and the surrounding areas, such as Praia da Barra and its charming beachside. You can also enjoy yourself at great parties, get to know amazing people from every corner of Europe and have lots of fun. Combine all this and you get the recipe for the greatest 10 days of your summer! Are you ready to accept this challenge?

Let’s get Digital : Artificial is the New Black

Let’s get Digital : Artificial is the New Black

It was in the middle of a cloudy midnight when LBG Ankara was called for the help of technology. People were in immense worry about the future of technology, artificial intelligence and whether Sophia the robot would conquer the world.

But worry not!

This Summer, LBG Ankara teams up with one of the most prestigious institutes in Turkey, Future Research Institute, in order to find answers to all of your questions!

For 11 dreamy days in one of the most beautiful and well-known holiday districts in Turkey, Marmaris, you will have a chance to talk about, work on and find answers to the questions of technology, futurism, digital transformation, artificial intelligence, future learning, internet of things aaannd transhumanism.

Learn about the concept of futurism, how to dream, imagine and build the future, and how the digital transformation makes it way through almost everything in our lives. Get a taste of artificial intelligence, its limits, possibilities and realities or how will we be able to learn in and from the future! Finally… Find the answer for whether the humankind will stay the same or the technology will chance it as it does to every single thing it touches!

During these unforgettable days, you will be experiencing and developing in the fields that are most related to todays and tomorrows environment and by night, well… You will be experiencing the craaazy Turkish hospitality with amazing parties and activities at its BEST!

Come and join us for this unforgettable journey and experience one of the most amazing journeys that you will ever have a chance to go through!

Stop! Think! Lead!

Stop! Think! Lead!


If you clicked here I’m guessing you want to be a Leader, improve yourself and start your path to world domination.

Have you ever stood awake at night thinking how Bill Gates, Obama and Elon Musk got to where they are, and want to learn all the skills that allowed them to achieve their goals?

We are here for you!

Stop! Think! Lead! Is all about leading yourself and others, giving you some clues of how to start and develop your own ideas and showing you amazing success stories. So, if you want to know how to handle motivation, teams, projects, public speaking, delegation, and many other topics and became a true leader, come to Porto!

In this 12 day experience, you can enjoy the beautiful city of Porto, the city of origin of Port wine, have a taste of our Francesinha and make friends from all Europe.

E.T. – the Electrical Transportation

E.T. – the Electrical Transportation

Are you interested in Electrical Transportation? Do you want to visit Budapest? If the answer is YES, then:

Do you want to know how many different types of vehicles will use electrical engines in the near future? Have you ever dreamed about how the cities will look like, when cars with fuel won’t be allowed to be used in the city? Don’t just dream about it! Explore the future of electric transportation and make a plan for Budapest by the end of the week with amazing people!

Discover Budapest with us, not just the most impressive buildings like the Parliament, the Buda Castle but see the city with the eyes of the locals! You can try our traditional dishes: Goulash, Lángos and taste some traditional drinks. Feel the incredible atmosphere of our city!

Show your motivation of the topic and your curiosity of the city and experience 8 incredible days with us.

Czech in and Space out!

Czech in and Space out!

Have you ever wondered what’s happening in Space? Is your head always in the clouds and sky is no limit to you? It’s just first step to enjoy the best summer in your life!

You won’t learn just about cosmic environment, rays, particles and their variations with time and place, but you will discover facts about the origin of the universe. You will get to know the technologies developed specially for spacecrafts, optoelectronics and and sensors used in aerospace engineering. After participating this course you will be fully prepared for your own journey to infinity and beyond.

What if I told you that you can learn all this cool stuff and much more in the heart of Europe, Awesome Prague?! You are going to explore this beautiful city “of the hundred spires”. Discover its pulsing nightlife and unique historical atmosphere.

So what are you waiting for? Send us your motivational letter, and experience all this on your own!

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