Learning Event – Technological Course

Have you ever been stuck in traffic and wondered ” Who designs these roads?”.

Have you taken a bus at maximum capacity and asked yourself ” Why aren’t there two more buses to satisfy the demand?”.

If yes, BEST Athens has got you covered. If not, maybe now we piqued your interest. During nine beautiful days in gorgeous Athens you will have the opportunity to learn the basic rules of Transportation Planning and get in touch with the tools a Transport Engineer uses when developing transport networks.

But it’s not only that. Coming to Greece in Spring is a treat of its own. The weather is sunny and warm (but not too warm), so maybe you will even have the chance to visit one of our many famous beaches. No pinky promises though. Our delicious food (all hail souvlaki), our never ending nights and the beautiful city of Athens are also part of the schedule, so don’t waste your chance.

An amazing group of people is waiting for you!!