What is a BEST Course for students ? A BEST Course is a once in a student life time experience, it’s an opportunity to travel, learn, meet people, make friends all while having the most fun you could possibly have. Troughout the year BEST organises different activities where students from member universities get the opportunity to increase their international experience, establish contacts, improve their English and have fun. Each BEST Course is attended by 20-30 or more engineering students like you, who have something in common: they want to live a unique experience, different from day-to-day school life!

BEST organises different types of activities:

BEST Courses

– visit companies, industrial plants and research centres

– take part in case studies

– follow interesting lectures covering many different technology fields, economics, marketing and management

– receive ECTS credits in recognised courses

In these events, participants attend lectures given by the university’s teaching staff or by experts from companies. At the end of the course students take an exam, which is designed to evaluate the participants’ success.

BEST Events on Education

BEST Events on Education are seminars that last for about 6 days. They gather engineering students and professors from Europe with the purpose of evaluating and finding new paths for higher engineering education in Europe.


BEST Engineering Competition

Engineering Competitions are events where teams of students use their technical, social and communicative skills to compete in different categories: Team Design, Case Studies, Negotiation and Debates.


BEST Leisure Events

BEST also organises non-academic activities such as sailing weeks, ski-weeks, extreme sports. These courses have a higher fee and have no academic part. Only fun, fun and fun!

Check out the How to Apply! page to apply to a course.

Aside the deposit (30 €) that is returned to you after the course, the only major expense you need to make is your transportation to the course hosting city. Tip: a low cost flight bought 1 or 2 months in advance can save you a lot of money. Of course, the method of transportation is your decision.